AeroModeller Magazine

Those of us who have missed a magazine dedicated to building flying model airplanes will love AeroModeller magazine from the UK! 

Every issue is dedicated to model building and flying with a focus on Free Flight, Control Line and some R/C, including tips and techniques, plus free plans for models you can build!  

Please note that the cover price is 5.99 POUNDS STERLING, which currently translates to $8.25 U.S. dollars per copy.

There was a printing problem with the November 2021 issue and it has been delayed.  It will be offered as soon as we have it from the UK!

U.S. Customers ordering ONLY AeroModeller magazine, use coupon code AMONLY at checkout.  We will send you the magazine in an envelope and you will save $6.50 in shipping charges!  This coupon can only be used when you are ordering the magazine with no other items You may use the coupon code for up to 2 copies of the magazine only.