Prop Shafts and Bearings

Peck-Polymers props, bearings, prop shafts and other accessories for rubber-powered model airplanes.  Model builders know and trust our quality, and many of our parts are used in kits from other manufacturers too!

Check out our new Reverse 'S' Prop Shafts, available in 3 sizes!

Our 1/32" shafts and bearings work with our 4.75" and 7" props. Our 3/64" shafts and bearings work with our 6", 8", 9", 9.5", 10" and 11" props. We also carry a large 1/16" shaft designed for very large props (carve your own!).

Our brass washers help keep things running smoothly. 

All these items are made in the USA except the Reverse 'S' Prop Shafts and the Ikara parts.