Rubber Winders

These are the best quality rubber motor winders we have found...they are so good, we bring them all the way from England!

The 10-4 Large winder is meant for larger models packing more rubber.  It features a sturdy handle and winding arm, and includes a counter so you won't lose track of your turns!

Our new Small Winder Counter is a clever gadget that will work with any of the KP Aero small winders, whether old or new!

Of equal quality, the only difference between the other KP Aero winders is the number of turns needed to get your model wound up. The higher the ratio, the more rubber turns per crank of the handle. To get 300 turns in your rubber, you would need 60 turns of the 5:1 winder, 30 turns of the 10:1 winder and only 20 turns of the 15:1 winder!

Above are all made by KP Aero Products in the UK.

We also carry the Alpha winder with a 20:1 ratio for very fast winding!