AeroModeller Magazine May 2022

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We now carry AeroModeller magazine from the UK!  Every issue is dedicated to model building and flying with a focus on Free Flight, Control Line and some R/C, including tips and tricks, and free plans for models you can build!  

Each month, we will carry a limited number of copies, so get yours while you can!  If you only want the magazine, see below for a special coupon.

The May 2022 issue includes:

FREE PLAN – Bomb-Bat CL or RC Flying Wing
1957 design for .099 cubic inch engines as a Control Line model or the electric motor or your choice for either Electric CL or RC.  Full-size plans based on a Veron design published with permission. 

A Mustang in My Workshop (book review)
This book is about an amazing 1/5 scale P-51D Mustang model with incredible detail! A static model with every detail rendered.  The book is in 'coffee table size' format, and will be on your wish list once you see the workmanship!

BMFA 100th Indoor Event
Free flight flying by the British Model Flying Association.  We couldn't help but notice some Peck-Polymers models in action!  A Nesmith Cougar, from our kit, which was also featured on the table of contents page, and a Prairie Bird ready for takeoff!

CAD 3D Printing Update
More on 3D printing for model plane builders, as well as CAD for design work.

'Flying Minutes' Wakefield
Beautiful old-time model that would keep anyone busy cutting ribs and formers!

There's even an article about the Peck-Polymers/Deluxe Materials/AeroModeller connection (see last photo)!

    ...and much more!!

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