Kits by Golden Age Reproductions

The process of converting the GAR printwood kits to laser-cut is a huge task.  We are working on the GAR path forward, and it will take a long time. 

When built by experienced model builders, these kits can be become outstanding free flight scale rubber-powered models. They are contest competitive and have also provided sport flyers with many hours of enjoyable flying.  Several Golden Age models have consistently won top prizes in competition, and our sport models are classics great flyers!

All Golden Age Reproductions kits include: plan, contest balsa printwood, balsa stripwood, light weight Esaki Japanese tissue, propeller, nose block, bearing, landing gear wire, rubber strip, windshield material, wheels and hardware. Certain kits include: vacu-formed canopies, cowls, spinners or other plastic parts and multi-color decal sets.

These kits include only minimal assembly instructions, normally just building notes on the plans, and are recommended for experienced builders of flying models.

If you're looking for Golden Age Reproductions plans, please check out Tom Nallen's new website!

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