Customer Comments

For over 50 years, our Customers have enjoyed our top-quality Peck-Polymers products and service.

Below are a sample of comments and feedback we have received in support of our work within the last few years:  

Got the chance to do a side by side build with my grandson of the ezR.O.G. The kits are superb and our building was so much fun together. Just had to slow him down a little to read the instructions. Doing that proved to be a good part of two very successful models. Just some minimal trimming with the provided tabs and both models were in the air. Lucky, for us; we launched in minimal wind and were able to chase down our new models. Loved hearing him say, "wow, these things really fly!" Thank you Peck-Polymers for a great memory.
-Darrell S., Tennessee

Just to let you know the parcel arrived last Friday. The kits are already built and flown by my two very happy boys.
-Jim B., Australia

With the demise of local hobby shops, it's sure nice having an online source for modelling needs. I'm glad I was able to get necessary supplies from you earlier this year--a simple and safe way to shop without having to leave the house. Thanks for the great service!
-Dave D., New Mexico

Hey guys! I got my package a couple of days ago, and it was well worth the wait! Everything looked fantastic. My Stinson will be complete in no time. Thanks for keeping the hobby going strong. Keep up the excellent work and stay safe.
-James B., Tennessee

I have a Peanut scale Pietenpol that I built almost twenty years ago. After the first flight all I had to do was put in a little left rudder and it circled just fine. I flew it a few days ago and it was still trimmed just right after sitting in a box for fifteen years! Have built several R.O.G.'s with my daughter and students. Glad to see the kit is still available.
-Tom B., Washington

Just made my latest order for Esaki tissue. Thanks for keeping the Peck hobby line available. I used to visit the Peck location in Santee CA in the "good old days". Glad to see I can still get what I need from Peck.
-Mark C., California

Really nice to find two of my favorite model companies are ALIVE again but under the same roof!
-Darrell S., Tennessee

I am so excited to get this model you're sending me. I am glad you folks are there. I hope this free flight niche continues to be profitable for you. Having done dozens of RC stuff in my life, I feel like I’m getting back to the roots of the hobby again. Thanks again,
-AJ, Illinois

I am the proverbial kid in the candy store. My shipment arrived! You have to admit an order placed on the 14th and being delivered in another country on the 19th even though there was a holiday involved, is pretty spectacular. The kits were well packed and I am more than satisfied with your service. A pleasure to do business with you.
-Paul C., Ontario, Canada

Is there a way to rate a kit 5000 stars? The Skiptown Cadet is flawless. Congrats on a great kit ;)
-Henry F., North Dakota

The order arrived yesterday, all the goods are in perfect shape! I look forward to order more products from Peck-Polymers in the future. Keep up the good work!
-Ivan R., Argentina

I am very pleased with your customer support. It's because the way you take care of a customer like me, is why I WANT to do business with you. 
-Joe T., Delaware

What you provide in your kits is great. Plenty of wood and tissue along with all the other items. Keep up the good work!!! Will be buying again soon. Thanks again.
-Chris V., Pennsylvania

The R.O.G. and Sky Bunny you sold me in '16 did their job well and got my youngest son hooked on free flight.
-Jason M., California

Kit and build has been a joy. Glad you are keeping this aspect of the hobby alive.
-Michael D., Massachusetts

The R.O.G. is a great kit for beginners - I always keep a kit around just to give it away. The R.O.G. is great for that.
-Rick P., New York

You're awesome! Thanks for getting me "the stuff" so quickly! You've secured my business moving forward. My sincere appreciation.
-Mike B., Maine

I received everything on time, thank you very much. I am very happy with the quality of your products.
-Nicolas J., France

Thank you for your quick response..Good customer service is a rarity these days. It is appreciated.
-Mike M., Texas

I’ve been a huge fan of Peck-Polymers kits for years. The quality of the balsa is top notch.
-Frank W., Pennsylvania

Hello Peck Polymers! I'm glad to see you still have the Prairie Bird! This was a superb plane, which I eventually modified to have aileron control and a small glow-plug engine. I bought a bunch of kits of the R.O.G. plane, and my son guided his school mates through the construction and flight of these planes, as a science project. It was a great experience for all. Thank you for many happy hours spent with my son flying planes.
-Brian A., Location unknown

Hello...I love the service you have given me recently.
-John J., Idaho

You have a great company with great products. Keep it up.
-Rich B., Pennsylvania

I too have always had airplanes in my blood, with free flight scale a life long love. I like your story. Thanks for keeping Peck alive!
-Steve P., Wisconsin

Thanks for your great service!
-Ivan R., Argentina

Thank you for the fast service, I have had terrible luck with 2 other shops this week. I will be ordering from you again.
-Mike C., New York

I just placed an order with you, looking forward to receiving the goodies. It has been some years since I have done anything in the modeling field. Things have changed a lot while I was away. I am glad that you have kept the company alive, Good luck on your venture.
-Ray M., California

I was aboard a USN carrier in the Indian Ocean 1981. I ordered and built a Peck peanut Pietenpol Air Camper. I chose the hanger deck for it's maiden flight. It flew so well that it not only went the entire length of the hanger but turned right, flew thru the open hanger door and disappeared into the night. The crew said it definitely was the smallest aircraft that ever flew off the ship! I'm glad you are keeping the company alive and well. Best Regards.
-Barry J., U.S. Navy, retired

Thanks for such great kits!!
-Dave H., Wisconsin

Thank you for keeping Peck-Polymers alive.
-Jimmy J., North Carolina

I'm very pleased to see the Peck name alive and well!
-Marc F., Canada

Sure glad to see you keeping the Peck-Polymers kits alive..great work.
-Bob B., California

Shipment has arrived to Chile. Everything ok. Thank you and best regards.
-Pablo A., Chile

Thanks for the great service.
-Fred P., California

Let me say it is great to see Peck-Polymers flying again!!!
-Eric F., U.S. Virgin Islands

Thanks for keeping the Peck kits available!
-Mark G., Massachusetts

I'll be sure to get my hands on a kit - I'm a big fan.
-Pat D., California

It's a thrill to see the company still in existence. I'm sure that Bob would have loved to see the company still going. He and Sandy were special and generous people. Best of luck to you in keeping Peck-Polymers alive and thriving!
-Dan W., Texas

Congratulations for picking up the load of continuing the great Peck-Polymers line. I envy your dedication to the hobby.
-Tom S., Oklahoma

I am thrilled you are carrying on the tradition of Peck-Polymers!
-Ron O., Massachusetts