About Peck-Polymers

Peck-Polymers was founded in 1971 by Bob Peck, an engineer who enjoyed freeflight and other forms of model aviation. Bob designed many of the models in the original Peck product line. Bob and his wife Sandy knew many other modelers who designed great models too...and soon many of these models were being kitted by the Company (there were designs by Bill Hannan, Bill Warner, Dick Baxter and many others). Peck-Polymers also designed and engineered many of the small parts that are so critical to freeflight rubber airplanes, such as bearings, prop shafts and wheels. These high-quality parts have been included in kits made by other manufacturers around the world for over 50 years as of 2021.

When Bob passed away in 1991 (an excellent Bio on Bob can be found here), his wife Sandy was determined to keep the company going, and she did a tremendous job doing so. Sandy continued to run the company until 2007, introducing some new products along the way.

Sandy sold the company to A2Z Corp in Colorado in 2007 and A2Z made the major step of converting the Peck kits to use laser-cut parts.

When we heard that Peck-Polymers was up for sale, we were very interested because the products are high-quality, well-known and well-loved by modelers all over the world. In January of 2015, Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC took ownership of the company. We are happy to carry on the tradition of producing Peck-Polymers kits and accessories, and we are proud to take the legacy of the Company past the 50 year mark and into the future!