About Me

I have been building and flying simple rubber-powered model airplanes since I was a kid in the 1960's. I grew up near a cul-de-sac where the older boys flew control-line models. When we moved near a school yard in the 70's, the sound of R/C airplanes was my siren song, and I would run to watch them fly. As a kid, I didn't have enough money for models like that, but I continued to build freeflight gliders and rubber-powered models to enjoy (including Peck-Polymers kits).

Around 1990, I built a Gentle Lady glider and brought it to a nearby R/C field. While there, an old gentleman showed up and took a rubber-powered scale model out of his trunk. He wound it, put it on the ground and set it free. The slow, graceful and quiet flight was very impressive, and I noticed something...the face of that man went from about 80 years old to about 10 years old, due to his huge smile!

The idea of simple fun like the 'good old days' was very appealing, and I bought a Peck R.O.G. which re-started my interest in free flight. Little did I know that some 25 years later I would have the opportunity to own this company! Since moving near Durham, Connecticut, I've had the chance to fly with some of the greats in freeflight scale. We are now kitting some of the designs made by these talented modelers, such as the Xmastick and Skiptown Cadet.

I hope you'll support us by shopping in our store and building one of these great models! 

Chuck Imbergamo
Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC