AeroModeller Magazine March 2023

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We now carry AeroModeller magazine from the UK!  Every issue is dedicated to model building and flying with a focus on Free Flight, Control Line and some R/C, including tips and tricks, and free plans for models you can build!  

Each month, we will carry a limited number of copies, so get yours while you can!  If you only want the magazine, see below for a special coupon.

The March 2023 issue includes:

FREE PLAN 1 - MicroFlyte Indoor FF or RC sport model
Fun sport model similar to ultralight aircraft.  Simple construction and a lot of charisma!  While the article discusses rubber powered and micro RC versions, we can't help but think that this model would do well with our Rookie Capacitor Motor Set!  Full-size plan, designed by D.S. Ridgway. 

FREE PLAN 2 - The Aero Scout XL
Foam board design for a simple glider you can build very quickly.  Full-size plan based on a FROG glider design.  

In Scale Circles
Control Line scale models, including multi-engine machines.  

FREE PLAN 3 - Super Nova Control Line model
Control Line electric indoor combat?!  Reduced plan and information on this interesting idea.  Designed by Mike and Steve Waller.  

Mick Lewis Part 2
Control Line combat flyer shares his story about being involved with the hobby for many decades.  

Event Coverage
Memories of flying in the winter of 1963,  Indoor 'Speedobatics'.  

    ...and much more!!

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