Sky Bunny

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With the sad passing of Bill Warner on March 12, 2020, Sky Bunny kits are selling faster than usual.  In honor of Bill, a Sky Bunny postal contest is planned for Labor Day weekend.  Information about the contest is posted here.

We are always working to make more kits, so please check back if they show as out of stock! 

The Sky Bunny was designed by Bill Warner to teach the next step in model building beyond the flat 'plate' wing. It has a stick fuselage, but features a built-up wing (including ribs), tissue-covered on both sides. For the small extra effort in building, you will have a very high-performance model. 3/32" balsa makes the Sky Bunny a bit sturdier than our other stick models. This model has been used in many school or group projects as a teaching tool. Trim tabs make flight adjustments a breeze. A fun way to learn the basics of Aeromodeling!

Our kit now includes the Sky Bunny etched onto the pylon for fun and to make pylon assembly easy!

Please note that this kit can take up to 10 days to ship.

Kit Includes:
Laser-cut balsa wing mount, ribs and parts
All balsa needed to build model
Prop shaft, bearing, washers, etc.
Rubber motor
Light weight wheels
Trim tabs for flight adjustments
Tissue covering
Full-size plans
Building instructions