Sky Bunny Postal 2022

Sky Bunny flying
The Bill Warner Memorial

Sky Bunny Postal Contest

Labor Day Weekend 2022 - the results are in!!

Participation was down this year.  Maybe in 2023 some clubs will hold a Sky Bunny contest over Labor Day weekend and we can get some more competitors!

Both our winners also won the contest last year!  

In the 'Senior' category of ages 15-19, we went from only one 2021 participant to zero participants in 2022.  Perhaps you can introduce a kid this age to the hobby of model building with an ezR.O.G. model to get them started. Model building teaches patience and problem solving and may spark an interest in engineering or other craftsmanship!

Flight times ranged from 48 seconds to over 2 minutes, but no matter how your model flew, we hope that everyone had fun!

...and the winners are...

Junior Category
Winner: Josiah Honaker, age 9 - 1 minute 14 seconds

Senior Category
No entries

Open Category
Winner: Mr. Brooke Linford, age 62 - 2 minutes 19 seconds
Second: Bill Kuhl, age unknown - 1 minutes 7 seconds
Third: Richard Pivitt, age unknown - 55 seconds


Many of you are flying at meets once again, but take a moment to fly your Sky Bunny over Labor Day weekend and send us your high times!  And let us know which category you call into...PLEASE NOTE: OPEN category is for participants over the age of 19.   

A simple contest for fun and to honor the memory of the Sky Bunny designer, Bill Warner.  This will be a 'postal' contest, so named from the days when contestants mailed in their entries.  

The rules are the same as last year!



  • The contest is for rubber-powered free flight Sky Bunny models. The model must be "built to the plans" with no major modifications.
  • Official flights must be made between Saturday September 3rd, 2022 and Monday September 5th, 2022.
  • Each pilot can make unlimited attempts to get his or her single, longest flight time. Use a stopwatch or smartphone timer.
  • Timing starts at model launch and stops when the models touches the ground, goes out of sight during the flight, or contacts any structure, tree, etc.  Timing rounds to last complete second ie; a 1 minute 36.5 second flight is recorded as a 1 minute 36 second flight.
  • One entry per pilot please. No entry fee.
  • Report your results by September 8, 2022. Please include the names of the pilot and timer, single best flight time and pilot's age. A photo is welcome but not required.
  • Please use our contact form to share your results!  

Winners will be announced in the three AMA age categories:

OPEN: Those who are 19 years old or older.
: Those who are less than 15 years of age.
"SENIORS": Those who are 15 years of age but less than 19 years of age

Is the model hand-launched or does it need to take off (R.O.G)?
A:  This is a hand-launch contest.


Q:  Is there a 'builder of the model' rule?
A:  The model does not have to be built by the participant, but we strongly encourage those participating to build their own Sky Bunny as an honor to Bill Warner, who loved to teach about building models.  The best way to learn to build is to build...!


Q:  What size rubber motor may be used?
A:  Any - there are no restrictions on rubber motor.


Q:  Can I cover my Sky Bunny with plastic film instead of tissue?
A:  Yes - covering materials are up to the builder.


Q:  Can I leave the landing gear off to save weight?
A:  No - contest models must be built per the plan with no major airframe alterations.

*** Please check out Model Aviation 'Safety Comes First' columnist Dave Gee's latest Sky Bunny build video:
 *** And here are two live-stream videos from AMA Education Director Kyle Jaracz, sharing his family experiences with the Sky Bunny: