Skiptown Cadet - Embryo Endurance Model

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The Skiptown Cadet was designed by our friend and Flying Aces Club Hall-of-Fame modeler Tom Nallen Sr.  We call it a 'scale-like' Embryo since it looks like a real plane, with graceful lines and charm.  This slick design has 49.5 square inches of wing area and adheres to the Embryo class rules of the Flying Aces Club when built according to the plans.  All sheetwood parts are laser-cut from contest balsa for quick and accurate assembly and light weight. Her wingspan is 18" and length is 14". 

Our kit is complete with full-sized plan, prop, wheels, rubber and all needed hardware. Tissue and decal included to replicate the Cadet pictured - it was built by our friend Thayer Syme.


18" wingspan
Lightweight laser-cut balsa parts including nose block, wing tips and headrest
Peck-Polymers silver prop
Laser-cut Windshield
Tissue covering
Wheels, wire and hardware
Plans and instructions
Super Sport rubber
Designed by Tom Nallen
Meets Flying Aces Club Embryo Contest rules