KP Aero Small Winder Counter

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This clever counter from KP Aero keeps track of your rubber winds effortlessly! Attaches to any KP Aero small winder and tracks the number of handle turns.  Simply multiply the number on the display by your winder ratio (5, 10 or 15) for the number of turns in your rubber.  Now you can have a conversation while winding your model without losing count of your turns!

***  This counter is only meant for use with KP Aero Small Winders.  ***

Easy to attach to any KP Aero small winder, whether it's brand new or the one you bought 15 years ago.  This is a great gift for the person that didn't think they need any more free flight gadgets.  Get one for grandpa or your favorite Science Olympiad competitor, or even for yourself - we won't tell...!!

Comes with instructions.  

Currently available in orange or black - the other colors are sold out!