The American Eaglet by Golden Age Reproductions


 Model and photos courtesy of Steve Neill, professional visual effects artist and model builder.


The American Eaglet is a simple and lightweight parasol model.  Based on a kit from American Modelcraft, the original design had only 9 ribs across her 25" wingspan!  This put the model in the 'floater' category, but with so few ribs the wings could warp. 

Flash forward from 1936 to 1984 when Bill Harney worked with Joe Fitzgibbon of Golden Age Reproductions:  Bill saw the potential for the Eaglet to carry a small motor and he modified the plans to show details for a CO2 motor setup.  He also added several ribs to help prevent the wing from warping.  No other significant changes were made to the original plan.

Golden Age Reproductions decided to kit this version of the Eaglet, and it was a hit with builders who appreciate its simple and elegant lines. 

This model is quite charming and a great flyer.  Those who want to compete should know that this model is eligible for Flying Aces Club Golden Age Monoplane and Simplified Scale competition.

We are pleased to bring back this design, and we are also offering beautiful GAR printwood, available while it lasts.  For the fastest and easiest build, our laser-cut parts are the way to go!  Here are the current Eaglet options:

  • Original Modelcraft plan --  Old stock, for those who want to build to the original design - limited stock!
  • Plans and Printwood -- GAR plan and beautiful GAR printwood - limited stock!
  • Plans and Laser-cut Parts -- GAR plan and precision laser-cut parts, including improved nose block with plug.
  • Short Kit -- GAR plan, precision laser-cut parts, prop, bearing and prop shaft.

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