Peanut Scale Nesmith Cougar Model Kit

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One of the best flying Peanut Scale models. Period. Designed by Clarence Mather, this model held the world record for a Peanut Scale model, with a flight of 9 minutes 29 seconds. We're sure a thermal helped with that performance, but this is a great flyer and relatively straightforward build. A good first or second Peanut Scale model. Our new design of a real Nesmith Cougar is a real looker. Water-slide decals and yellow and black tissue are included for the new design. We also improved this kit by including options for different size motor pegs. Bring a new model to the field this year, knowing you have a classic, proven flyer in your hands!


12.5" wingspan
Lightweight laser cut balsa parts
All required balsa sticks
Windshield material
Water-slide decals
Peck-Polymers silver prop
Yellow and black tissue
Wire, wheels and hardware
Plans, instructions and 3-view drawing
Super Sport rubber