Zona Hobby Tool Kit

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This kit is a great way to get most of the tools you will need to start building flying models, all at one time.  All the items are USA made and this set is a great value !

The Knife is retractable and includes 5 extra #11 hobby blades.  The Mini Miter Box and Razor Saw enable you to make accurate cuts in balsa sticks or small sheets, wood stock, tubing and other materials at 45, 60 or 90 degrees.  The Pin Vise can be used with small drill bits or reamers up to 7/64", and the Tweezers will help when handling small parts.  The Zona L-Square aids in building straight and true and it has imperial measurements on one side and metric markings on the other. 

This set includes: Retractable Knife with 6 hobby blades, Mini Miter Box, Ultra Thin Kerf 32TPI Razor Saw, Swivel Head Pin Vise, Curved Point Tweezers, and Zona’s unique 3″ x 4″ L-Square.  Zona part #38-700.  Made in the USA.

We will make every effort to ship this set in its box, but may need to remove the tools to better fit with the other items in your order.  If you need the tools sealed in the box from Zona, please contact us when you place your order!