Excel K1 Aluminum Knife

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Made in the USA, this versatile aluminum hobby knife with #11 blade is perfect for model building, precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, plastic, wood, cloth, foam, etc.     One of Excel Blades most popular knives, it has been used by hobbyists, graphic artists, and professionals alike for a consistent cut with confidence. The K1 Aluminum Knife is the perfect tool for model building with a textured grip handle for maximum control and stability.   Includes 4 jaw aluminum chuck for more secure blade positioning and hold than your standard light duty knife.  Comes with a snug fitting, twist lock shatter resistant safety cap to protect blade during storage. Its light weight body fits with all standard craft knife blades including Xacto, heavy duty steel blades #10/#12/#16/#17.  Part #16001   Our least expensive hobby knife, yet no compromises in quality!     Made in the USA!