Bostonian Pup - Bostonian Contest Model

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Designed by Bob Peck, this model meets Bostonian Contest rules. It features moveable control surfaces which should help when trimming, especially when flying indoors. We include very light balsa for the sheet wood parts so you can shoot for minimal weight. Bostonians are known for their general resemblance to real airplanes with a touch of charisma. The Pup is no exception and will be a fun addition to your fleet, especially if you're planning on doing some indoor flying this winter! We improved this kit by including a laser-cut windshield.  Be a a Pup!


16" wingspan
Lightweight laser cut balsa parts
All required balsa sticks
Laser cut windshield
Peck-Polymers silver prop
Tissue covering
Wire, wheels and hardware
Plans and instructions
Super Sport rubber