Prairie Bird - Embryo Endurance Model

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The Prairie Bird was designed to be competitive for Embryo endurance contests, but it's fun to fly whether you're competing or not! A straight-forward build makes this model excellent for a first built-up project. The Prairie Bird is a performer and usually flies 'right off the building board'. We're proud to say that this is a true classic, instantly recognized at the flying field. Build one and find out! We improved this kit by including a new rear motor peg mount which can be placed further forward to improve the balance of the model and reduce the issue of bunching rubber. For some great pictures of the model and more info. check out the story on the Free Flight Fantasies website:


16" wingspan
Lightweight laser cut balsa parts
All required balsa sticks
Windshield material
Peck-Polymers silver prop
Tissue covering
Wire, wheels and hardware
Plans and instructions
Super Sport rubber
Designed by Bob Peck
Meets Flying Aces Club Embryo Contest rules