Walnut Scale Baby Ace Model Kit

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This model was the first 'Walnut Scale' kit for Peck-Polymers  - a bit larger than Peanut Scale but held to 17.5" wingspan.  Back then, it was suggested that these could be built for CO2 motors, and many kits were built that way.  Now that it is 'the future', and tiny electric motors and lightweight batteries are readily available, this model would be a great candidate for conversion to electric freeflight or even micro R/C!

Although the kit does not include CO2 conversion parts, the plans and directions include information on CO2 power, and the parts could be made by a modeler determined to use a CO2 motor, if you have one! We laser-cut the windshield as one small improvement to this kit, but that's about all we could come up with (it's hard to improve greatness!).  This is an excellent design which will build into a very charming model and will reward you with long, smooth flights!


17.5" wingspan
Lightweight laser cut balsa parts
Vacu-formed wheel pants
Peck-Polymers silver prop
Peck tissue
Wire, wheels and hardware
Plans, instructions and 3-view drawing
Super Sport rubber