One Night Wonder

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The One Night Wonder is a simple rubber-powered model with a built-up wing and fuselage. It can be built with a removable or fixed wing. Single landing gear and wheel keep wire bending to a minimum. At 16" wingspan, this is a nice all-around sport model, outdoors or in! You can certainly build the model in one night, but a better schedule might be as follows: Night 1: Build fuselage sides and wing. Night 2: Build tail feathers and assemble fuselage. Night 3: Cover and assemble model, add gear and sub-fins. We have changed the name from the 'One Nite 16', but the model itself has not changed! Maybe we should call it "The Three Night Build"...!

Please note that this kit can take up to 7 days to ship.

16" wingspan
Laser-cut Balsa
Prop Shaft & Bearing
Rubber Motor
Wheel and Wire
Full-size Plans