Peanut Scale Pietenpol Air Camper Model Kit

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This model will charm you with it's cute appearance and good flying performance. Who can resist a parasol-type airplane? An excellent design for Peanut Scale, with large wing and ample tail areas. The laser-cut ribs, formers and most other parts are 1/32" balsa for light weight and long flights. We improved this kit by eliminating the vacu-formed wheels and including laser-cut parts for built-up wheels. Modelers have found that they are more comfortable building them vs. trying to match up thin polystyrene wheel halves! We also include water-slide decals for the tail number. Another improvement are the included laser-cut cowling covering - a real time-saver! This is the Ford Model A version - the included scale-like engine and radiator from laser-cut parts can be a building challenge, but look great when complete. Many photos of Air Campers, including the original upon which our model is based, can be found on the internet. You can have a lot of fun adding scale details to yours!

Please note that this kit can take up to 10 days to ship.

13" Wingspan
Lightweight laser cut parts
All required balsa sticks
Laser-cut parts for Engine and Wheels
Peck-Polymers silver prop
Yellow and red tissue
Water-slide tail number decals
Plans, instructions and 3-view drawing
Super Sport rubber