Peanut Scale Pietenpol Air Camper Model Kit

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This model will charm you with it's cute appearance and good flying performance. Who can resist a parasol-type airplane? An excellent design for Peanut Scale, with large wing and ample tail areas. The laser-cut ribs, formers and most other parts are 1/32" balsa for light weight and long flights. We improved this kit by eliminating the vacu-formed wheels and including laser-cut parts for built-up wheels. Modelers have found that they are more comfortable building them vs. trying to match up thin polystyrene wheel halves! We also include water-slide decals for the tail number. Another improvement included is the laser-cut cowling covering - a real time-saver! This is the Ford Model A version - the included scale-like engine and radiator from laser-cut parts can be a building challenge, but look great when complete. Many photos of Air Campers, including the original upon which our model is based, can be found on the internet. You can have a lot of fun adding scale details to yours!


13" Wingspan
Lightweight laser cut parts
All required balsa sticks
Laser-cut parts for Engine and Wheels
Peck-Polymers silver prop
Yellow and red tissue
Water-slide tail number decals
Plans, instructions and 3-view drawing
Super Sport rubber