Prairie Bird 50 Plan

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Full-size plan for the Prairie Bird 50. Some friends of Peck have built these models with excellent results - this is a very docile flyer which makes an excellent trainer. Rudder and elevator control only, so this model would be excellent for 3 channel R/C. Wing ribs and former templates are NOT shown on plan, so you will have to come up with your own rib and former templates. A basic Clark-Y rib should work fine. For the fuselage formers, the fuselage is a basic rectangle with a taper, so fabricating formers should be easy. Information on the plan is for older radio gear...modern setups will be much better because they will reduce final model weight significantly! Plans include information for both gas and electric setups - but bear in mind that modern electric gear is very different. We may have templates and more information, but we have not come across them yet! If we do, we will make them available in the future.   Plans are approximately 26" x 48" One plan sheet, shipped rolled.

Due to ever-increasing postal rates, we cannot ship these plans rolled outside the U.S. without very high costs.  However, we can fold them and refund some of your shipping.  Please contact us after your order if we can fold these plans!

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