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The ezR.O.G. is our easiest balsa and tissue model to build...ever!  Designed with the absolute beginner in mind, just follow the instructions and you will have your model in the air in no time!  Many features to ensure success:

  • No knife required - all parts laser-cut
  • Self-aligning parts
  • Photo instructions of all building steps
  • Sturdier than the original R.O.G. 

You will only need glue, emery board, glue stick and scissors to build the model.  Click here for a guide to glue to help understand the choices. 

Based on the R.O.G. design by Bob Peck, the founder of Peck-Polymers, but much easier to build - even if you have never built a model airplane before!  Suitable for flying outdoors in calm weather or indoors in a space such as a gym.  For a little building effort you will have a lot of fun flying your ezR.O.G.!!  R.O.G. stands for Rise Off Ground - this model can take off from a smooth surface when the rubber motor is wound enough.  

100% made in the USA of all-USA components.

Kit Includes:

Laser-cut balsa parts
Pre-bent landing gear
Light weight wheels
Prop assembly
Rubber motor
Tissue covering
Dihedral jig
Building and flying instructions
Trim tabs for easy flight adjustments