Deluxe Eze Tissue - Black Checker

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Checkered tissue is back...!

For light and bright covering of balsa model airplanes.  The checker squares are approximately 5/8" square and will make your model 'pop' in the sky.  

A specially developed lightweight tissue paper ideal for the construction of lightweight balsawood model aircraft.  Superior to many other tissues, its features include:

  • Exceptionally low weight - this color is 13.5 grams per square meter!
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • High wet strength

Design optimized to be bonded with Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste and subsequently air-proofed with multiple coats of Deluxe Materials Eze Dope.  But you can apply it using glue stick or thinned white glue.  May be spray-doped but the colors may run.

Comes with fully illustrated instructions for use.

3 (three) 20x30" sheets per pack!