AeroModeller Magazine January 2021

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We now carry AeroModeller magazine from the UK!  Every issue is dedicated to model building and flying with a focus on Free Flight, Control Line and some R/C, including tips and tricks, and free plans for models you can build!  

Each month, we will carry a limited number of copies, so get yours while you can!  If you only want the magazine, see below for a special coupon.

The January 2021 issue includes:

FREE PLAN #1 – Baby Minimoa Glider
34" span vintage design glider for free flight or micro RC.  

FREE PLAN #2 – 1/2A Kan Doo
Reduced version of a very appealing control line model.

Deluxe Materials Competition
Deluxe is looking for stories of innovative uses for their products - reward for the winner!

Diesel Conversions
Converting glow engines to diesel explained.

Supermarine S5
Part 3: Ivan Taylor describes his latest FF scale build - good information on finishing.

Dilly's Devices
Tips for your workbench from a master builder, to help make building easier!

    ...and much more!!

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