AeroModeller Magazine April 2021

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We now carry AeroModeller magazine from the UK!  Every issue is dedicated to model building and flying with a focus on Free Flight, Control Line and some R/C, including tips and tricks, and free plans for models you can build!  

Each month, we will carry a limited number of copies, so get yours while you can!  If you only want the magazine, see below for a special coupon.

The April 2021 issue includes:

FREE PLAN 1 – 'Aiglet' Classic A1 Towline Glider
Charming 1956 design A1 glider!  Full-size plans with construction tips, and even the original building instructions!

FREE PLAN 2 – 'Blue Thunder II' CL Speed for Pulse Jet
Reduced scale plan with simple planform.  Very detailed construction instructions and lots of build photos. 

New Zealand Nationals
Free Flight and Control Line scale models flown in a beautiful and largely Covid-free bubble!  

Painting Pilots
Tips on making your scale pilot more realistic!

Cover to Cover
Book reviews for several of the latest aviation publications.

Classic A1 Glider 'Email International'
Formerly known as a 'postal' competition, build an Aiglet from plans in this issue or another eligible model, dust off an old model and fly!  Prizes for the winners.

    ...and much more!!

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