Welcome to our new website!

We have changed every aspect of our website to improve it:

  • Better support for our Customers using smart phones or tablets
  • Search capability to help find your favorite kits and accessories
  • Securely accepting all major credit or debit cards outside the PayPal system (and PayPal is still available too!)
  • International orders available again, with shipping charges now calculated

With the new site, we are also making some changes:

  1. Minimum order is now $10.
  2. Minimum tissue order is 6 sheets, and all tissue will be shipped rolled
  3. Limits set on certain products such as Esaki tissue (maximum 6 sheets per color)

I hope you will enjoy browsing the new site and that you will find what you are looking for!

---Chuck Imbergamo
Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC (owners of Peck-Polymers and Golden Age Reproductions)