Covid-19 Update - July 2020

Please Note!

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we are experiencing a much higher volume of orders than normal.  Together with the very high demand for Sky Bunny kits for the September postal contest, we are busy working to produce the kits and items to stock our shelves and we are shipping many more orders than usual. Normally this time of year we can focus on kit production, but due to the virus folks are still building models when they are normally out flying.  The extra demand for our kits and accessories is draining our inventory and causing delays in order shipment.

We ask for your patience with items showing as 'out of stock' and the inevitable delays in shipping.  We are a very small company, and we must balance production of kits and accessories and day-to-day operations of the business with the fulfillment of orders.  We are working as quickly as we can while maintaining our high quality.  

We ask for your understanding and patience during the ongoing crisis.

Thank you!

Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC