Zona Mini Miter Box & Saw Set

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Plastic molded Mini Miter Box plus Ultra Thin Kerf Saw (32 TPI) set.  Excellent for cutting square ends - essential for tight-fitting joints and sturdy models!  You can make perfect splices and mitered corners in materials up to 1/4″ thick using this set.  The miter box has an adjustable stop and beveled channel for tubing, dowels and balsa sticks.  Tip: To make perfectly fitting splices between two parts, stack them in the miter box and cut through both pieces.  Then they can be spliced end-to-end for a perfect fit!

The miter box has channels for 45, 60 or 90 degree cuts.  The saw handle is made from New England hardwood.  The saw blade kerf is an amazing .008" thick - that's 8 thousands of an inch!  Zona part #35-251.  Made in the USA.