Zona Finger Sander Set

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Spring-loaded sanders shaped for preparing and finishing both curved and straight surfaces.  These are very comfortable in your hand and work well in a number of applications in model building, woodcarving and other craftwork.  

This set includes 2 sanders, one for 3/4" and one for 1.5" sanding bands.  Each is a little over 5" long, with about 4" of flat surface on their bottom sides.  The ends are curved with a softer radius on one end and a tighter radius on the other. 

Proper sanding is a critical task in free flight model building to reduce weight and ensure a good covering job.  These sanders help you create better models.  Buy a set and toss your crude sanding block in the trash!

These sanders come with sandpaper bands already installed, and 2 extra bands for each sander (one each 150 and 320 grit).  The sandpaper included will last a long time if you are only sanding balsa wood!

Zona part #37-794.  The sanders themselves are made in the UK and the sandpaper bands are made in the USA.