Starved Pussycat

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The Starved Pussycat is a simple model which is most at home flying indoors, but will also fly very well outside in calm conditions! Named because of its stick-fuselage, this is a 'starved' version of the Pussycat, designed by Dick Baxter. This model is easy to build due to its flat-plate wing and flying surfaces. Tail surface angles are built in to keep the model in a circle pattern, which helps keep the model away from walls indoors. We include a pre-bent rubber hook so no wire bending is needed. If you're looking for a great first model, this is an excellent choice! This is a good classroom project because it can be built quickly and flown in a gym. Applied science is the best kind!   This is the only Starved Pussycat that we know of...our actual cat is quite well-fed...and yes, he is orange!

Kit Includes:

Prop assembly
Laser-cut parts
All balsa needed to build model
including pre-cut motor stick
Rubber motor
Tissue covering
Construction plans
Detailed building and flying instructions