Peck R.O.G.

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The R.O.G. is an inexpensive and fun model with trim tabs which make it easy to adjust its flight pattern. A great first or second model due to a simple design, only minimal cutting of the balsa wood is needed. A flight-proven model designed by Bob Peck, the founder of Peck-Polymers, to teach the fundamentals of model building. R.O.G. stands for Rise Off Ground - this model can take off from the ground when the rubber motor is wound enough. The R.O.G. performs much better than the models found at your local hardware store...for a little building effort you will have a lot of fun flying your R.O.G.!!

100% made in the USA of all-USA components.

Kit Includes:

Prop assembly
Laser-cut balsa wing mount
Pre-bent landing gear & rubber hook
Light weight wheels
Trim tabs for flight adjustments
All balsa needed to build model, including pre-cut motor stick
Rubber motor
Tissue covering
Construction plans
Building and flying instructions
*Plus* laser-cut airfoil rib option