One Night Wonder

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The One Night Wonder is a simple rubber-powered model with a built-up wing and fuselage. It can be built with a removable or fixed wing. Single landing gear and wheel keep wire bending to a minimum. At 16" wingspan, this is a nice all-around sport model, outdoors or in! You can certainly build the model in one night, but a better schedule might be as follows: Night 1: Build fuselage sides and wing. Night 2: Build tail feathers and assemble fuselage. Night 3: Cover and assemble model, add gear and sub-fins. We have changed the name from the 'One Nite 16', but the model itself has not changed! Maybe we should call it "The Three Night Build"...!


16" wingspan
Laser-cut Balsa
Prop Shaft & Bearing
Rubber Motor
Wheel and Wire
Full-size Plans