Peanut Scale Ganagobie Model Kit

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This model has lots of charisma, with its diamond-shaped fuselage and short tail moment.  The laser-cut ribs, formers and most other parts are 1/32" balsa for light weight and long flights.  We improved this kit by laser-cutting the windshield and switching to our 4.75" prop to lighten the nose which should help the model perform better.  

Check out this video of a beautifully built model by Jiro Sugimoto - flying very well:

Before he passed away in 2020 the designer of the Ganagobie airplane, James Lobet, told us that more full-scale aircraft are still being there are more scale subjects to model out there!  Just Google 'Lobet Ganagobie'.  

This may be a challenge to build, but the model will charm all who see it!


13" Wingspan
Lightweight laser cut balsa parts
All required balsa sticks
Laser-cut windshield
Peel-and-stick decals
Peck-Polymers silver prop
White and yellow tissue
Wire, wheels and hardware
Plans, instructions and 3-view drawing
Super Sport rubber