Air Devil Model Co. Planbook No. 1

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This book contains full-size plans for six flying models, plus a solid model, all drawn by Dave Stott.  All required parts are drawn and the designs were all built, test flown and refined before publication A brief history of the real airplanes are also included and, best of all, tips and flying notes.  This valuable information will help you get your model built and flying successfully!  Also check out book number two!

Book number one includes plans and info for the following:

  • Hollywood Hamilton H-47 - 20”
  • Nicholas-Beazley Flyabout - 20”
  • Alliance Argo - 16”
  • Pitcairn Fleetwing - 16”
  • Ong Continental - 16”
  • Stearman Pilot Trainer - 16”
  • 1939 Linberg Spl. Racer (solid model)

The full-size plans are provided in a folio with a removable slide for easy access and no staples to remove!  

Co-founder of the Flying Aces Club Dave Stott was a talented model builder, both as a hobbyist and a professional.  He was also a designer of flying models and an aviation historian, and he researched and kept notes on each model that he designed.  While Dave was still with us, he assembled several of his terrific plans into two plan books, and his son Paul Stott has partnered with us to offer them again!

Format: Softbound folio of 11x17" plans.  6 flying models and one solid model.

Please note: We will ship these books flat if possible, but we may gently bend them to fit in the box. They can be easily bent back to flat upon receipt!