New! Magic T-Pins - Small Shafts

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Magic T-pins are the best model building pins that money can buy - and the finest that we have seen! 

Designed by a model builder to be much easier to use, Magic T-pins are:

  • comfortable
  • easy to pick up and handle
  • sharp
  • consistent and of the highest quality
  • ...and they include a storage case!

    *** Note: Some photos show our Magic T-pins with our Pin Clamps, which are not included, unless you order them They are highly recommended...!!

    Magic T-pin heads are made from flexible plastic, so they won't permanently bend like cheap t-pins.  They are comfortable when you press them in place, as well as when you remove them from your building board.  With Magic T-pins, model building is more comfortable and more fun! 

    Use with our Pin Clamps:  This size Magic T-pins are a perfect tight fit - you can insert the pin easily but still slide the clamp to adjust it.  Magic T-pins together with our Pin Clamps are a great combination to build the best models!

    There are 50 Magic T-pins per box.

    Please Note: The #20 pins are in fact 1.25" in length, not 1.75" as marked on the package.  For 1.75" Magic T-pins, check out our Large Shaft Magic T-pins!