New! Magic Pins Fine .5 mm 1 7/16"

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For those who want to pin through the balsa parts, into a very soft building board, these pins will do the trick, leaving the smallest hole possible in your balsa.

*** Please Note: These will NOT work with our Pin Clamps. Use Magic T-pins instead!  ***

These are ONLY meant for soft building boards such as foam board, etc. and they will NOT work with our Pin Clamps.  Using anything but gentle force will bend these pins! 

They are:

  • easy to grip, pick up and handle
  • sharp!
  • consistent and of the highest quality
  • ...and they include a storage case!

    There are 50 Magic Pins per box.

    Please Note: We learned from Bob Peck and Bill Hannan not to push pins through the parts when model building.  But some prefer to build that way, and there are times, such as when sheeting a model, that pinning through the wood is the only practical way.  We carry these pins for those situations!  Did we mention...use these ONLY with soft building boards...!!