Deluxe Liquid Gravity

Deluxe Liquid Gravity

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A non-toxic, easy flowing, weighting system used to adjust the balance point or bringing model to a specific weight where there is a minimum model weight.  You can add the exact amount of weight needed using these tiny steel spheres!  Perfect for E-20, Science Olympiad or any other model built light and needed weight added precisely.

Specially designed to pour into small cavities and set in place with your favorite CA or other thin-to-medium glue or epoxy.  Instead of a lump of clay on your model, hollow out the back of the noseblock, pour in some Liquid Gravity and fill with glue to set it!   By volume, as heavy as tungsten steel.  May also be used for model boats and submarines, scale models, model railway rolling stock, model cars, etc.

240g bottle.

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