Deluxe Super 'Phatic! Glue

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The thin, non-fuming alternative to cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super’Phatic! is easy to apply, provides easy water-based clean up and gives a tight, permanent bond.  May be applied after the parts are joined because it penetrates joints for a strong bond.  It beats CA and two-part epoxy hands down.  Big 50ml bottle - about 1-3/4 oz..
• Low odor
Water clean up
Penetrates much further than other glues
• Provides non-brittle joints on balsa, ply, fiberglass, plastic hinges, foam and carbon fiber
New bottle comes with a fine point tip but it can still be used with CA applicators.  Check out our Deluxe Roket Glue Tips. or use our Extender Tips or Extra Fine Extender Tips.