Introducing Magic T-pins!

A few years ago, we reached out to a company which offered high-quality pins and got samples of their Magic Pins.  They were really nice, but the shafts were too thin to work with our Pin Clamps, which many model builders love.  We discussed our needs with the owner of the company and it turned out that he grew up building and flying model airplanes!  In earnest, he began to develop a new product that would help us.

Flash-forward to 2023, and after a lot of design and engineering, Magic T-pins were born!

Magic T-pins are really high quality T-pins and they have consistent shaft thicknesses.  They are much more comfortable and easier use, a cinch to insert and remove from your building board.  Since the T is made from plastic, they won't permanently bend the way normal t-pins do when pushed too hard.  They are easy to pick up, and they even come in a high quality storage case!

The two small sizes work perfectly with our Pin Clamps, with the clamp engaging and still adjustable.  The two larger pins are a tight fit with the clamps, but once on the pin they won't move, allowing the builder to use the pin-push depth to engage the part being held.

Magic T-pins are the very best T-pins we have ever seen, and with their high quality and ease of use, you will want to throw away your old pins.  Magic T-pins cost more than normal t-pins, but they are worth every penny!

With Magic T-pins, model building is more comfortable and more fun