Japanese Tissue Status - January 2021

We have run out of all Esaki tissue except Black, Brown and Green.  Supplies of these colors are good and they should last a while.

The Good News:

Since late 2019, we have been working with our partner in Japan to have a new tissue made.  The goal was to produce a high quality tissue very similar to Esaki.  We are excited to announce that our hopes for the new tissue have now become a reality.

The new tissue is very lightweight and yet strong, even when wet.  Soon we will have the tissue in white and four colors; Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange - and more colors are planned for the future!

The tissue is being manufactured in Japan presently, and we should have it available for sale by the middle of February; possibly sooner.

We wanted to let you know in case your winter projects are getting close to the covering stage.  You may want to use the new tissue on your next model...!!

Chuck Imbergamo 
Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC