Esaki Tissue Status

Happy 2020 Model Builders! 

I want to provide you with a status update on our Esaki tissue.  

The Bad News: We are completely sold out of Red.  Silver and Gampi are also all gone. We are now critically low on Orange and Blue (darker blue) - if you want any, you need to order it as soon as you read this.  There are only a few sheets left!

The Good News: I began digging to verify our inventories, hoping to find some missed stock, and I made a happy discovery: A older box marked 'Brown' contained brown tissue on top, but underneath was a good stock of yellow!  This is a very popular color, and I'm happy that we can once again offer it.  

White Tissue: We have begun to sell the last white tissue that we received from Esaki. While we requested their normal Lite-Flite, they actually sent us 'Superfine' Esaki. Superfine is slightly lighter than normal Lite-Flite, and it still has a 'grain', being stronger when pulled in one direction vs. the other.  However, it cannot be applied while wet. After being applied, it can be misted as normal to shrink if desired. It has a dull and what I would call 'satin' side; not as glossy as Lite-Flite.

We have good stock of Superfine white and expect it to last quite a long time! 

I hope you will build many models to cover this year, and that we can help cover your model.

Keep 'em flying!

Chuck Imbergamo 
Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC