Esaki Tissue Update - July 2019

It is with heavy heart that I must report that Esaki will no longer produce the tissue that many modelers have known and loved for over 80 years. We were originally told by Hiroshi Esaki that they would continue, but after family discussions, they have closed.  Our contact in Japan spoke directly with the Esaki family and confirmed the situation. 

The Good News: We still have good stock on most colors of Esaki tissue, and we also got some of the last that they had. 

The Bad News: Due to the rumors about the demise of Esaki, we have seen many high-volume orders and examples of what most people would consider hoarding (hundreds of sheets per order).  If left unchecked, these orders will empty our shelves very quickly and leave a lot of unhappy model builders.  We tried to raise our prices in an attempt to slow the burn rate, but several orders in the last 2 weeks have proven that further action is now necessary.

Therefore, going forward, we are setting a limit of 6 sheets per color of Esaki with the hope that as many model builders as possible will be able to purchase some.  

Hopefully this will allow many model builders to get some Esaki tissue and enjoy it!

Chuck Imbergamo
Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC