Australian Customer Notice

To our Australian Customers- 

2/16/2022: The postal service is once again accepting First Class Mail packages.  We are happy to be able to supply you once again!

Update 9/21/2021: The US Postal Service announced that it will only accept Express Mail packages to Australia.  We are exploring other options, and if you order we will find a way to get the package to you.  If there are additional costs, we will contact you and let you decide how to proceed.

The United States Postal service has temporarily suspended First Class Package service to Australia.  There has been no reason given for this change, and while it is being called 'temporary', there is no end date.  This means that we can only ship to you using one of the more expensive shipping options such as Priority Mail.  We realize that this is bad timing with Spring on the way in Australia!

Until further notice, please use Priority Mail International as your shipping method.  If you choose First Class Package we will invoice you for the price difference.  We realize that shipping rates are very high already and perhaps you will want to wait for the less expensive shipping option to be available again.  If so, we can cancel and refund your order.  

We are sorry for this inconvenience beyond our control.

Thank you!

Wind-it-up Enterprises LLC