Esaki 'Superfine' White Tissue

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Genuine Esaki Tissue-White 'Superfine'

The last batch of Esaki white tissue we received turned out to be 'Superfine' white.  This is actually slightly lighter than the Lite-Flite white, but it cannot be applied while wet the way Lite-Flite can.  This tissue will work very well when applied dry and misted to shrink afterwards.

Esaki tissue has been covering the best models for over 80 years! Known for its strength and light weight. This tissue has a rough and a smooth/glossy side, and generally requires less finishing than other coverings, saving you even more weight. Each sheet is just under 18 x 24" since they are cut to 450 x 600 mm.

Notice: There is a limit of 6 sheets per color of any of our Esaki tissue.