Wooden Shoe Aviation Toys "Rookie"

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This is a really neat little free flight glider powered by a capacitor motor

Major parts are made from foam, making for simple construction and a durable model.  Build it using any type of foam-safe glue such as Deluxe Materials Speedbond or foam safe CA glueYou can even build it with Duco cement!  This model can be built and flown by younger modelers (10+) with adult supervision.  Please note: Inserting the sharpened tail boom into the fuselage pod can be tricky.  Extra care must be taken with this step!  And just in case you need a spare, we offer extra fuselage pods.

The included capacitor motor is charged using 3 AA batteries that you supply.  Charging for just a few seconds results in a long motor run, depending on the state of your batteries.  The model flies nicely and includes notched airelons for flight trimming.  

Here are the manufacturer instructions, and check out the entertaining video on YouTube which describes each step.

Just in case of a broken prop, we offer extra pusher props - limited stock!

We also offer the Rookie motor set on its own, for those who want to dive right in to experimenting with capacitor motors!  The motor size, weight and power are nearly ideal for Peanut Scale models, and people are having success with this type of motor in models such as our Pietenpol Air Camper and other Peanuts.  Experiments with sheetwood and stick models are on-going too!

Kit Includes:
Foam wings, stabilizer, rudder and fuselage
Carbon fiber tail boom
Motor and capacitor, prewired to control board with charging port
Propeller (pusher only)
Charging pack (requires 3 AA batteries)

Motor specs per the manufacturer:
5F 2.7 volt capacitor
4.7 grams
Pre-soldered, ready to use

"For best performance/capacitor lifetime, charge for 3 seconds max with full batteries, 8 to 15 seconds with more decharged batteries"

The Rookie is from our friends at Wooden Shoe Aviation Toys.