Rookie Capacitor Motor Set with Charger

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For those who want to experiment with capacitor motors, we offer this capacitor motor set from Wooden Shoes Aviation Toys!  

Nearly perfect for our Peanut Scale models, the motor can power models up to about a 13" wingspan as long as the model weighs under an ounce.  Sheetwood and stick model experiments are also encouraging!

These motors are shipped in 'tractor' configuration for models with props at their nose.  A 'pusher' prop is also included with this set.  The props are small, at just under 2", but deliver plenty of thrust!

The tiny motor is 9/16" long by 1/4" in diameter (~14mm by ~6mm).  It is charged using the included battery pack with 3 AA batteries supplied by you.  Charging for just a few seconds results in a long motor run, depending on the state of your batteries.  Extra tractor or pusher props available - limited stock!

Set Includes:
Motor and capacitor, prewired to control board with charging port
2 Propellers - one tractor prop (marked 'B' - installed), and one pusher prop (marked 'A')
Charging pack (requires 3 AA batteries)

This set is from our friends at Wooden Shoe Aviation Toys

Specs per the manufacturer:
5F 2.7 volt capacitor
4.7 grams
Pre-soldered, ready to use

"For best performance/capacitor lifetime, charge for 3 seconds max with full batteries, 8 to 15 seconds with more decharged batteries"

"Ideal for creative projects or scale models, the efficient operation and reliability ensure beautiful flights and lots of fun."