Ikara 8cm Prop Assembly

Ikara 8cm Prop Assembly

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Due to the cancellation of the National Tournament, we will not sell more of these props for this season.  For those who still have State contests, please consider using the 15cm prop assembly cut down to 8cm!

Finally, a commercial prop assembly made especially for the 2020 Science Olympiad rules!  The overall diameter of these props is 8cm, and the blades are steeply pitched to help slow the prop rotation for maximum endurance. The blades are cambered and made from thin yet strong plastic to endure most bumps into gym walls. 

Comes as an assembly with bead, .020 prop wire and 5mm bearing designed for the new Ikara Prop Hook, which is available here.  This assembly can be upgraded with our Reverse 'S' .020 prop shafts.

Made in the Czech Republic by Ikara, who specializes in props made for lightweight models designed to fly indoors.