Deluxe Roket UV 5g Kit

Deluxe Roket UV 5g Kit

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This clever new adhesive is cured using UV light from the special mini flashlight which is included with the 5g tube.  Apply the adhesive first, adjust the parts as needed, then apply a dose of UV light to set the adhesive within 1-3 seconds!  The adhesive won't set until the UV light is applied, so you can take your time to position the parts correctly without worrying about the glue suddenly setting up the way CA does.  Roket UV bonds wood, plastics, fiberglass and metal and has many advantages over other glues:
• Crystal clear bonds
• Non-blooming
• Fast solid cure, on demand, as fast as 1-3 seconds
• Odorless in use
• Can be painted
• May be used as a coating

5g tube and UV light included.

20g bottles are available, but they do not include the light - you will need to buy this item first! Brand new Deluxe Materials item for 2020!

Roket UV must be shipped via ground shipping.  Your entire order will be shipped ground if you order Roket UV.  Cannot be shipped outside the USA.